Being Part of our Pack

Before you look to enroll, please think about whether daycare is truly right for your dog. Bear in mind that there is a big difference between socializing in the park for a few minutes and in spending all day with other dogs, and daycare is really only for those that truly love the company of other four-pawed friends.

Just like people, not all dogs are social, especially if they are not raised to be so early on, and some just prefer the company of people to other dogs, i.e. would be happier having someone to just walk them and/or play fetch. If this is the case with your dog then we'd recommend you look at our Other Options page for a pet-sitter, as opposed to a daycare.

On the other hand, if you have a puppy then daycare is highly recommended! The more socialization they get with other people and dogs early on, the less problems you'll have later in talking your dog with you on social outings. While there are risk to exposing a puppy to dogs and other puppies before they have had their third set of vaccinations, which is at around 16 weeks of age, the majority of puppies go through a phase called 'hazard avoidance' when they are around 14 weeks old. This is a natural part of their development, but obviously it is easier for them to be introduced to new people and dogs before this phase, when everything is still new and exciting.

Please Note: We accept any breed of dog if they join us before they are 14 weeks old, no matter how large they might later become, as if they've grown up with our pack they're likely to continue to fit in. 

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is easy! Once you know we are the right fit for your family, simply read and sign the Service Agreement, which includes the Enrollment Form.

Once this is done we need to schedule a day for your dog’s temperament and behavior assessment. The cost of this day’s daycare is R150.00. Unfortunately, you cannot be present while your dog is being assessed. We know this can be nerve racking, but we need to see how he/she behaves when you are not around in order to properly assess him/her.

Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that your dog will fit in with the rest of the pack and doesn’t have any undesirable behaviors that will pose a risk to humans, other dogs, or the daycare.

Undesirable behavior includes, but is not limited to, aggression towards any humans or animals, excessive barking or howling, and severe separation anxiety leading to escape attempts or very destructive behavior.

Unfortunately, as this is to ensure the safety of all furry charges and the longevity of the business, it is of the utmost importance and we have to be strict.

The other requirements for daycare attendance are more fully covered in the Service Agreement but include the fact that all dogs must be:

1.     Up-to-date with their vaccinations

2.     De-wormed regularly

3.     Free of ticks and fleas

4.     Spayed/neutered if older than 6 months

5.     In good health

6.     Brought in and out of the daycare on a lead

7.     Wearing a collar with an identity tag containing their name and your contact number

Checklist for Day 1:

1. Service Agreement

2. Vaccination Book

3. Enough food for breakfast and lunch (if necessary)

4. Collar and/or harness and lead

There is no need to bring any bowls, toys, treats or blankets as we already have plenty. We also discourage bringing favourite things from home, as this could lead to resource guarding and fights.

It's natural to want to meet us and view the premises first before enrolling your furry child. We do viewings by appointment only and unfortunately only on weekends. Please contact us telephonically or via email to arrange for this.