Our Facility

We all know how important exercise and socialization is for our four-footed family members, and we provide this in a fun and safe environment. With a variety of toys, games, different areas to explore and dig in, and other dogs to play with, Canine Creche offers all around fun for all paws, whatever size, energy-level, breed or age.

As fellow dog owners, we understand how hard it is to leave your furry family in someone else’s care. We thus encourage you to call our office and make an appointment to come see the premises for yourself, and ask any questions you may have. We’ve built and foster an environment that our dog loves, and we are sure that yours will too.

We can take the stress out of leaving your pooch when you go to work, and instead, make it something he/she looks forward too. We provide a quality service, so that you can get the quality-time you and your furry family member should have. Also, so that you don’t miss out on anything, we’ll provide you with a report on exactly what his/her paws have been up to.