About Us

The inspiration to start a dog daycare came from our own dog, Stark, who is a Siberian husky cross Alaskan malamute.

He is always with us and, naturally, when we moved to the Western Cape, we wanted to ensure he would be well looked after during the day, when we couldn’t be with him.

He has been socialised from an early age and, while he adores us, we can’t compete with the excitement he gets at being able to play with other four-footed friends.   

We’ve taken him to a number of organised dog events and dog parks, and both children and parents have been amazed at how friendly and well-behaved he’s been.  

The key, of course, is exercise, which he needs a lot of, and naturally patience. Even if it is pouring outside, he still gets excited about walking and, as we’ve discovered, boredom results not only in a miserable dog, but also in half-eaten shoes, escape tactics and other destructive behaviour we don’t otherwise see.

We know how important our dog is to us, he’s part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

We know if you’re looking, then you need a safe, fun environment for your dog when you can’t be there. Somewhere where he/she can be kept dry when it’s raining, get shade when it’s hot, plenty of exercise and in general allow you to collect a happy, tired dog when you get back from work.

No matter the energy level of your dog, we can be the safe-haven your dog is excited to get to.  

Why Us?

Aside from years of experience and a deep desire to provide true quality in what we see as a much need services, we have also done lots of reading and research, and continue to study and take courses.

We are members of PSI and I chose to do the CPPS course through them first, before moving on to other behavioral courses as I felt that the course work covered broader, more daycare orientated topics, as opposed to starting with in-depth training and behaviour. CPPS does cover some basic behavioral studies and dog training, including puppy care, stressed dog care and senior dog care, but also focuses heavily on first aid and health, including conducting assessments, diseases, nutrition, parasite control and sanitation.    

My partner is a Level II ThinkingPets Instructor, having an Advanced Certificate in Puppy Socialization and Training.

What dog-sitting and training mainly comes down to is love, patience and understanding, all of which we have.

Roger Caras apparently once said that "Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." In our case, dogs pretty much are our whole lives, and we are happier for it.